What stood out for you in this video? Which part of it appealed to you? What did you learn?

Binna Kandola is a psychologist who starts the ted talk by talking about identities by saying names and introduce yourself to audience. He was doing several research and his own job is to test and retest students in college as psychology is based on testing people. Then, he talked about unconscious bias. Most of us would never describe ourselves as racist. Yet, while we see ourselves as liberal, egalitarian and open-minded, both as individuals and a society, our implicit attitudes are often directly at odds with our consciously-held beliefs. We might not like to think about it, but the moment we set eyes on someone, we begin to form an impression of them that is based on the color of their skin, their gender even their name. This is unconscious bias. At the session he introduces how the biases we’re talking about apply in organizations by telling example of the three lines and Obama’s picture, and how to minimizes the effects of it. I learnt from him to stop blaming people and reflect on our own behavior and increase our own self-awareness.  

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